Our first car, first house, first pet and every other “first” is always close to our hearts because these are not objects, they are milestones achieved by us. We take extra care of things and people that we hold dear to us.

Similarly, mechanics at jasrauto.ae understands your emotions and attachment to your car whether it’s your first or second because it’s a symbol of progress. It’s a boutique workshop in the heart of UAE, promising quality and premium customer service.
They ensure that your car is thoroughly cleaned, restored, polished and protected in and out.

They use the latest equipment to produce the very best results, and strive to stay abreast in the industry. Their detailing professionals live and breathe their passion for cars, and it shows in their work.

Let's dive in and understand why car detailing is essential.

Preserve your exterior with the right paint job 

There can be many reasons that your car's exterior can lose its shine. Main reason being, after a certain time period the vortex marks and dull paint on your car can wear off.

If you are wondering how the debris and deep scratches can be removed safely, then automatic detailed processing can help you to safely remove the debris that causes deep scratches on the paint job. It is also advisable that you use professional-grade wax to be applied on the outside to provide an extra layer of protection until your next repair.

Improve your car’s performance

We all want our car to perform well and last for a very long time. For this to happen, we have to keep the car heart - the engine, healthy. By removing dust and dirt from the engine, you can make your car run smoothly at a lower temperature.

Improves the resale value of your car

Keeping the resale value of your vehicle can be a task. The easiest way to maintain this is - by doing regular car detailing that can help improve exterior paint, maintain  upholstery, increase the life of the car and keep the engine healthy.

All of this can increase the resale value of your vehicle

Improve air quality

Maintaining air quality in the car can improve the performance of your car. Over time dust gets accumulated and stays in the car. This affects the air conditioner and the heater - leading it to regulate the dust in the entire air. The deep cleaning option removes dust and any allergens from the vehicle, thereby improving the overall air quality that is circulating inside the car. 

Enhance the overall look

Like they say, “Devil is in the details”, hence car detailing enhances the overall appearance of your car, making it look new.

Note: opting for a simple car wash is different from opting for car detailing service.

JASR AL WAHDA auto maintenance workshop has been providing professional car maintenance services for metropolitan areas. They are a full-service repair center that specializes in providing the best quality service for your vehicle. Their services include everything from regular maintenance and collision repairs to painting and detailed design.

They are mainly focused on the workings of "Pajero" since the commencing year of the workshop, as of now "JASRAUTO" is known as the " Pajero Specialist" in the Country. Their team is truly deep in touch with the knowledge of single nuts & bolts present in Pajero.

They promise to use first-class craftsmanship every time and never compromise on quality. Their workshop is equipped with the most advanced tools to ensure that your vehicle gets the correct repair every time.

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