Local farming is food that is produced locally and not too far away from where it is consumed. Many say that locally grown produce has a strong connection to organic farming as many of these farms are small or certified.

Recently, there has been a tremendous growth of local farm produce in the UAE. According to UAE ministry, “the increase in sales is the outcome of multiple measures taken by the Ministry to boost the contribution of local produce to domestic food supply,” 


It is impeccable that the UAE government has been demonstrating a great amount of interest in local farming. This will add to the growth of the country’s revenue as well as setting a healthy lifestyle among the emirates. 

Pandemic has set the trend for healthy lifestyle throughout the world and individuals are realizing the importance of eating right and how locally grown food further can benefit them to stay fit. Therefore many prefer shopping at local farmer’s markets.

Ergo, locally grown produce is thriving in the UAE for many reasons some of them are:

  1. Pandemic has been tough on farmers throughout the world especially in those countries where major produce is imported, they must become self reliant.
  2. Chemical free food.
  3. Fresh food at your doorstep.

Due to scarcity of water in UAE many wondered if farming is even possible and if it is, then how profitable it is going to be? 

Today, local farms in the UAE are thriving and the Emiratis are proud to call it “Made in UAE”.

Food is the most essential and basic need for human survival and without that it would only create chaos.  Hence, UAE and other countries have opted to grow their own produce to be self-sustained. 

The pandemic has definitely taught farmers to think out of the box and come up with creative ways to grow their vegetables. For instance, the way farming is performed in the UAE is by growing two vegetables side by side and their adaptation to Bio Farming.

There are numerous farms in the UAE to explore and if you are looking to take a break from the city life these farms will be refreshing and a unique experience that will give you greater insights on how farming is done in the UAE . 

Moneytree has put a list of few farms that might be of your interest and to explore… Happy Touring!! 


Local Farms Boarded Moneytree
Cheshire Farms Abu Dhabi UAE            RAK Natures and Treasures           
Cheshire Farms Abu dhabhi UAE RAK Natures Treasures  RAK UAE