Moneytree is a digital platform fto list local businesses in the UAE owned and administered by MT Digital FZC, a company registered in Sharjah Publishing City Freezone, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Moneytree is a local digital marketplace for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)  or home business owners who are in search of marketing their products or services in the United Arab Emirates. Moneytree is also a digital marketplace for those who are looking for Margin FREE ,/ Agent FREE unique products and services in the UAE

Moneytree operates through a web site URL ;  Moneytree mobile application for Business owners and customer or public is available in third party application stores. Moneytree is also using its social media accounts, email marketing  to mark its digital presence. Moneytree provides category marketing to get the digital acceleration in digital channels  for the local business owners in the United Arab Emirates.Moneytree shall do social media marketing for the business owners for the SMM Packages they are enroled with 

Local or regional small medium enterpreuners are the targetted business onwers in Souq Moneytree digital platforms. The one-man show business owners who are struggling to invest money and time fo do Digital Marketing. Moneytree prefers (but not limited to) business categories such as Homemade Food, Pets stores, Henna Artists,Henna Products, Home Bakers, Aquariums, Fresh Plants, Home décor, Auto Services, Auto Parts, Dentists or any special category or skill set which is not so popular in this area. Special trainers in Health, Sports, Arts & Music are also welcome to join us at Moneytree marketplace.

Businesses registedred in the UAE can list their products or services by registration processes through the Moneytree Business mobile application with a valid UAE mobile number thru our SMM Packs. Created items in the Moneytree Business’ dashboard will be available to the public in the Moneytree mobile app after Admin content  approval..

Moneytree is purely a digital platform and do Social media marketing (SMM) with the listed features for each SMM packages for the businesses using all available digital possibilities like ON Page and OFF Page Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing tools to reach and target customers.Souq Moneytree is opening new doors of opportunities  of social media marketing thru digitl media giants like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, YouTube , web site contents etc to reach the potential customers. Moneytree is also utilize the power of  a social media influencers in the digital marketing.  Social media and influencers have evolved into legitimate ways for brands to reach their customers and generate income. For small businesses and startups, in particular, there is a world of opportunity in that realm of community of Facebook groups, hashtags, share, stories, reels comments and likes.

Moneytree works on the simple logic of symbiosis relationship called ‘Mutualism’ where every contact matters. Mutualism is defined as a symbiotic biological relationship between two different species where both species benefit from the relationship. Moneytree is doing digital marketing to increase digital visibility for those who are associated with it. Selected main benefits are :

  • Moneytree Business owners can invest more money and time on their business improvements.
  • Increase the customer reach thru the SMM Packs  
  • Community group sharing helps to increase business awareness locally. 
  • Customers can directly contact business owners
  • Business owners can do digital campaigns 
  • Web site or mobile applications are not mandatory to list with Moneytree
  • NO Sales commision or NO Service charge to list in Souq Moneytree 


Moneytree provides customers or the public a MARGIN FREE OR SERVICE CHARGE FREE OR AGENT FREE trading experience. Registered customers can send their requirement as an enquiry directly to Business owner through the Moneytree mobile app. Business owner will respond to the customer directly to confirm the order.

Symbiotic mutualism is the business strategy of Moneytree, where every contact matters. We promote categories. Therefore, each small contribution makes a ‘togetherness’ in each category which pushes Moneytree to fly.

Yes, Moneytree account can be deleted from profile settings.